INNOVATION & SOLUTION Air Water International Advanced
Medical Center Kobe
An R&D center that creates
healthy lives for people.

Since its founding, Air Water has played a key role in the production of industrial gases that are indispensable for manufacturing and medical gases that support the lifesaving efforts of medical professionals.
It has since expanded its business with unique methods to include areas such as chemicals, energy, agriculture, food, logistics, seawater treatment, and aerosols.

Now, we regard "healthcare" and "agriculture and food" as pillars of future growth.
We aim to make further leaps forward in our businesses that support people's lives.
In the healthcare field, we provide hospital equipment, medical devices and services, oral health, home medical care,
and nursing care products and services that support people’s everyday lives. In agriculture and food,
we manufacture and sell agricultural products and foods that support the production and supply of food.

Air Water has opened the International Advanced Medical Center Kobe in the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster,
one of the largest healthcare clusters in Japan.

We create innovation by having customers actually see,
touch and experience various products that relate to their lives,
and by combining the needs and ideas generated in that process with the various resources of Air Water.

The key concept is "biodesign."

To enable everyone to live healthy lives,
Air Water aims to innovate next-generation businesses from this center.

Creating health innovation through medicine, agriculture, and food.

Development Center

As a development center specializing in business areas relating to daily life, such as medicine, healthcare, agriculture and food, we develop products and businesses through the "biodesign" process.

With customer and market needs as our starting point, we continue working to create lifestyle solutions relating to medicine, healthcare, agriculture and food, with the aim of enabling healthy lifestyles for everyone by leveraging Air Water's various R&D resources and business domains.

Dental pulp: the key to a healthy longevity
From dentistry to medicine, the dream regenerative treatment

Dental Pulp Regeneration Business

Oral health has attracted particular attention in recent years due to its close relationship with overall bodily health.
In particular, maintaining one's own teeth for a long time is one of the keys to extending healthy life expectancy.

At Aeras Bio, we have established a new dental pulp regenerative treatment method for teeth that have lost their pulp due to severe tooth decay or external trauma and are engaged in activities to promote it nationwide.

A new dimension of vision that will change perioperative medicine.

8K Imaging

Air Water is supporting improvements in quality of life and ease of work for medical professionals with 8K ultra-high-definition imaging technology—equivalent to a visual acuity of 4.27*—which goes beyond conventional wisdom in video imaging.

We are the first in the world to achieve real-world medical application incorporating 8K technology into endoscopic cameras.
Currently, we are conducting research to expand the possibilities of new perioperative applications of this cutting-edge 8K ultra-high-definition imaging technology, such as in the development of a surgical microscope camera.

*Conventional HD (high definition) is equivalent to a visual acuity of 1.07 READ MORE
Advanced technological capabilities that support healthcare professionals.

Perioperative Medical Business

A comfortable working environment for medical professionals.
An environment where patients can receive safe, high-quality medical care.
We consider perioperative medical support to be a balance of these two requirements.

From services to optimization of hospital operations.

Medical Services Business

Improving the utilization rate of operating rooms and utilizing space in hospitals.
Efficient operation and rigorous management of medical devices.
We propose services that support more optimal hospital operations.